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Weight Loss

What's Weighing You Down?

What’s tilting your scale? Weight loss goes beyond counting calories. For decades, people have been on at least one t...


Go for the Mint - Brush Your Teeth right after a meal or snack so you get the food taste out of your mouth as soon as possible. Keep a snack handy: eat your High Response Cost meals and snacks on schedule to keep your blood sugar stable. If you “forget to eat”, when you remember it will probably be because you are starving! It is hard to be reasonable when your brain wants quick energy NOW (i.e. sugar), so avoid this by never letting yourself get more than a little hungry. And always keep an emergency snack handy (10 raw nuts, an apple or a healthy snack bar)! Get your protein in consistently at your 3 meals. Protein helps keep you fuller longer and releases the hormone glucagon which balances out insulin. Use fruit to taper off sugar - keep grapes in the freezer and pop one in your mouth when you get a craving. Find out where the sugar is hiding - you can't cut it out if you don't know it's there! Retrain your sweet tooth by tapering down off of sweet tastes and switching over to spicy or savory! Dump the caffeine (coffee, soda, tea…) - it exacerbates sweet cravings and can make you insulin resistant! Get enough sleep and manage your stress - problems with either of these will make you crave sweets to raise serotonin - the feel good brain chemical!


Some people will tell you that craving foods high in sugar and carbs is different than hunger. In fact, the desire or craving for high sugar foods or carbs is hard-wired in the brain. Eating these foods creates a chemical chain reaction that leads to a temporary increase in serotonin levels. Serotonin helps you feel relaxed, less anxious & stressed and improves your mood. If you are struggling with overwhelming cravings for certain trigger foods high in sugar and carbs you may be low in the important feel good brain chemical serotonin.


Healthy eating is the foundation for everything - fat loss & weight management, prevention, slower aging and managing lifestyle diseases. The challenge is…what should you eat??? If you go to the bookstore you will be overwhelmed in the “diet and nutrition section” by a multitude of different theories-low fat, low carb, vegetarian, high protein. How do you know what the right nutritional approach is for you without going to school and getting a degree in biochemistry?

Brighten Up Your Diet

You can reduce the signs of aging by brightening up your diet. Are you adding colors to your diet? You should be adding vibrant colors to your diet such as glossy red peppers, bright orange carrots, deep green broccoli, crisp lettuce, and velvety blueberries. Add more color to your diet and receive the benefits of all the antioxidants, for example: Red-tomatoes offer lycopene, a carotene which is important for heart and prostate health Orange-winter squash contains alpha and beta carotenes Green-broccoli helps produce enzymes to fight against cancer Yellow-oranges are loaded with vitamin C which is especially good for immunity Purple-blueberries contain anthocyamins, a powerful antioxidant and reduces blood clot formation 

Tips for Eating Healthy

“I suggest to many of my clients that they take the word “Diet” our of their vocabulary and look at their meals as a 'Meal Plan for Good Health.'” - Maria Dello Eat when you are hungry, not when food appears before you. Look into the quality of food before you can eat. Does this food deserve to go into and become part of you? Develop a more discerning palate. Eat what tastes and feels good to you. Try to eat clean natural foods. Reduce the toxic load. Buy organic and harmone-free food, when available. Clear your emotional plate before you eat. Breathe first, then chew, and no watching TV or talking on the phone when eating. Eating at the right times. Try eating at the same time everyday and never near bedtime, for better digestion. Portions should be balanced: 1/3 of protein, vegetables and carbohydrate each. (for carbohydrate meal only.). No fake fats: hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated fats. Drinking eight glasses of water is a must, (away from meals).


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How To Stay Trim

Whenever we think of winter, we think of hot chocolate, delicious apple pie, cozy fireplaces and holiday eating. The holiday season is all fun and games until spring rolls around, and we are suddenly in a panic to get the extra pounds off.Unfortunately, we tend to eat rich foods and exercise less during the winter. 
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