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Warm Bean & Arugula Salad

Combining the unique freshness of arugula with low-oxalate beans and wholesome coconut oil, this dish is a true culinary delight. Savor the perfect balance of textures and tastes in this warm salad that's as easy to make as it is satisfying to enjoy.

Snow Bells Are Ringing And People Are Sneezing

Recently, the World Health Organization said that this year’s flu vaccine might not be as effective as we’d hoped. Your weapon of defense could be your own immunity. With cold and flu season here, it looks like we must take precautions on a daily basis.

7.4 - The Magic Number to Live By

When we say it’s all in a number, this magic number really reflects keeping our body in perfect balance. Eating well ...

Healthful Meal Ideas for the School Season

As kids head back to school, Nutritionist Maria Dello shares meal ideas that pack a nutritional punch. Her focus is o...

Cool, Healthy Food Beats The Heat

While it’s tempting to pick up store-bought coleslaw, potato salad, or fried chicken, those foods are generally pre-p...

Eating on a Budget

Plan your meals at the beginning of the week. Make a list of foods that you want to buy before going to the grocery...

Sweet Nothings

   It’s an easy Sunday afternoon, I'm deep into my daydreaming, and I can smell the aroma of baked cookies calling fo...

Spring Into Summer Renewed And Revived

I believe that our bodies do not adjust well to the onset of seasonal weather changes, and by making dietary and lifestyle changes our spring into summer can be a much easier transition. Here are some healthy suggestions that may make your change from spring to summer a healthier one.

Thinking And Eating For Longevity

Now more than ever with the rise of dementia and other aging ailments, there’s no time like the present to address our aging self. Below are some important brain foods. In addition it’s important to avoid toxic pollutions from outside to inside, being harmful to our brain health. Investing in a clear air filter may be worth the cost, along with cooking with safe cookware. 

“Die’it” Sweet

Harmonious with hot summer days are words like diet soda, diet ice tea, or a cool sugar-free ice pop. Staying cool is the objective in the summertime, perhaps poolside or by the beach. But should we be cooling it with the word diet? When you are drinking a beverage and it has the word “diet” on the label, are we really drinking the unknown? Let’s take a look at when a product says “sugar-free” or “diet.” That means they are not adding sugar. Instead, it is most likely they are adding an ingredient called “aspartame” a chemical known to cause an array of health issues.

Belly Fat: What You Need to Know

Learn why belly fat is unhealthy and what you can do to lose the extra pounds.If you are carrying a few extra pounds whether in the form of belly fat, love handles, or a muffin top you're not alone. In recent years, the number of people who are overweight has increased dramatically worldwide. But this is one case where following the crowd is not the best idea, because extra weight especially belly fat can be downright risky.  


Summer time known for happy days, and bronze tans are a common pleasure of summer. Before we hit the beach, we make sure we have an amour of suntan lotions, protecting us from the harmful rays, but are we also blocking out a vital vitamin that protects are bones? 
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