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Is There More to Health than Diet and Exercise?

After more than a decade of practicing weight loss and well-being counseling in Manhasset, I have to examine more than just people’s weight but their words and beliefs. I thought of a patient I had recently, who came in to lose weight and have more energy. After her evaluation, she told me her desired weight loss. I said “realistically, it may take a few months, and you need to change your bad habits first.” She then went on to say she’s tried before and nothing works, and even went so far as to put herself down. As we went over her plan, we discussed her revisions for healthier habits. Deeper into the conversation her negative undertone was heard through the dozens of excuses as to why she couldn’t change. Was she jinxing herself before she even started? Was she setting the stage for failure? Her words became so powerful that her body started to believe them. After a good pep talk and pointing out her negative words, she then realized the only thing between her and weight loss was her attitude. After a few weeks, her words started to shift. So did the scale, leaving my client feeling better and sporting a brighter attitude.
There is no doubt in my mind that there is more to health then diet and exercise; the key is being positive and having a positive attitude.
Shhh, your body hears everything.

I wanted to share my top thoughts on being positive about your health.

1. Perform acts of kindness daily—Acts of kindness add strong meaning to one’s life, and give you a sense of feeling happy. That happy feeling tells your body that it is healthy. Make it a goal to achieve five acts of kindness a week; you will be amazed how good you feel.

2. Limit watching the news—Although it’s so difficult to watch the news with all the “stuff” that’s going on these days, it’s better to create a sense of balance for happier days.

3. Spend time with friends and family—Spending time with people you care about and building a strong social network is vital to one’s well-being. Make your time together positive, no one likes a buzz kill.

4. Enjoying a special moment—Savoring a special moment, remembering a big belly laugh with your best buddy or cherishing a sunset, contributes to that happy feeling.

5. Aerobic exercise—It keeps those cells oxygenated; the more oxygenated we are, the healthier we will be.

6. Watch your words—The body hears everything, so if you say things like “I don’t like this” and “I don’t like that” chances are you won’t like much. Why not appreciate everything? Chances are there is always something to take notice of.

7. Keep a gratitude diary—When you start to journal what you want, and glance back at your old pages, “voila!” like magic you start to manifest good things in your life. Words are powerful.

8. Give your body what it needs—It’s simple (or maybe not) Sleep, good healthy food, a positive mind, proper hydration and a purpose.

9. Stretch—Sitting, working, sleeping at a computer all day doesn’t do the body good. Take a five-minute break and stretch those ligaments. Those ligaments are the ones connected to those muscles; release the tension and extend.

10. Calm your mind—A too busy mind makes a tense body. Meditate, breathe and take a yoga class. Do something to just calm that over-active mind. Ahhh, breathe.

Maria Dello owns Dellonutritionals and is an expert nutritionist. Find her at 75 Plandome Rd.,
516-365-1222 ,

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