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Tips on How You Can Keep Your Immune System Vital During Coronavirus

During this difficult time I wanted to give you five health tips to keep your immune system high, so let's take a walk and talk .

Number one you want to connect with nature. Nature is very calming and very soothing so you want to keep those stress levels down so get outside enjoy the early parts of spring and connect with nature. 

Number two, eat clean. Eating clean is vital for the immune system. Keep your vegetable consumption high. Staying alkaline is extremely important for the immunity. Avoid junk food such as chemicals and sugar. Sugar only taxes the body and causes a depression of the immune system.Also, read labels as well. 
Number three exercise. If you haven't started a program start one now. Okay get outside walk, run, jump rope, ride your bike, start  watching a youtube video, go on an app, have a session through your phone with your trainer, start moving okay it's very important.

Number four hydration. Hydration is very important for the immune system and don't forget add lemon to your water that also will kick it up a notch with your vitamin C. 

Number five not such a bad idea to take probiotics and other immune booster supplementation such as zinc vitamin C. These things only help your immune system and not to say they're gonna cure any virus but it's always better to have a higher immune system during a difficult stressful time.
I hope you enjoyed our health tips for today and we'll take another walk soon. So on my website at We are doing virtual appointments. Everyone be calm, stay clean and be healthy!

Call us at  516-365-1222 or click here to book your appointment.
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