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Bridgett a Scholar from Providence down 18lbs Just in a few months! 


Another weight loss success story at Dellonutritionals - Congrats Cecilia for an over 25 lbs lost!


Congrats Maura Lewis for a successfully completing your Lifestyle30 journey. Great job on your weight loss and getting Healthy


Expert Maria Dello helps to fight the Freshman 15
Emily wants to "Fight the Fifteen" this fall with expert Maria DelloDellonutritionals. Congrats Emily for taking steps in preparation for college.

Here's what we're going to address.

  1. Healthier options at the dining hall
  2. Not having time to exercise
  3. Binge drinking and overeating
  4. Foods to focus
  5. Skipping meals
  6. Better brain food
  7. Better sleep patterns
  8. Stress eating
  9. Alternatives to social eating
  10. Foods to enhance endurance for athletic performance


Maria Dello with the Lauren Baranello and Diane Curd Winners of the Dellonutritionals weight loss Contest


Lauren Turano Baranello From Manhasset Achieves her weight loss goal at Dellonutritionals

Maria has this magic button and because she knows her stuff, presto, it works. She is supportive and believes in you when you may not. Her calming demeanor makes you feel that anything is possible. She has changed my way of thinking and helped me achieve goals I thought were not even possible. I appreciate all she has done for me and especially her friendship along this journey.


 Diane Curd From Manhasset Achieves her weight loss goal at Dellonutritionals


Bethanne Ryan DeMatteis From Manhasset Achieves her weight loss goal at Dellonutritionals

Maria is passionate and exceptional at what she does!!! True professional that understands what it takes for each individual to achieve their health and weight loss goals.


Marykay Barket From Manhasset Achieves her weight loss goal at Dellonutritionals
Maria is so helpful! I started going to Dellonutritionals once a week after the birth of my 4th child. Maria helped me lose 25 pounds in a healthy way that fit into my busy lifestyle. She gave me great, healthy recipes that even my kids would eat. It's been over a year since I lost the weight and I have been able to keep it off thanks to her tips and advice.

Tricia Dessi Takes the "No Sugar Pledge" at Dellonutritionals

Maria Dello is a genius.

Don't be fooled by her seemingly fun and casual conversations. With every word, Maria sifts through her considerable knowledge and expertise as a Nutritionist to produce a custom-made action-plan for a healthy, enduring and weight-shedding lifestyle.

I thought I knew food. But Maria knows nutrition (even if she thinks julienne of zucchini is a spaghetti substitute for marinara sauce, rather than the perfect starting point for a zesty slaw with carrots, daikon radish, yellow summer squash, tossed in a tangy vinaigrette).

My wife and I see her together. For both of us, Maria created a web of support that is indestructible and results proven. In 6 months, I lost 30 pounds, 3 inches off my waistline and reduced my Body Fat Index by 5 points. She is a kindred spirit who understands that food has to nourish the soul and mind as well as the body. With her guidance, I never feel deprived. Instead, I am enthusiastic and energized. Before I met Maria, I was on an unhealthy slide towards morbid obesity. Now, thanks to Maria's extraordinary wisdom, my path is in a trimmer, healthier and more energetic direction. And I'm never going back.

- Fred Abatemarco Manhasset


"After many unsuccessful attempts at weight loss, I was fortunate enough to find Maria Dello of Dellonutritionals. Maria's clear, consistent and personalized approach helped me lose 20 pounds already, and we are still working. Maria encourages several healthy lifestyle techniques, including exercise, stress management, and meditation. Her holistic perspective helps ensure that weight loss goals are met. After joining Maria, I was able to stop pursuing the endless articles that provide conflicting information about weight loss. Now, I merely follow her guidance and I'm already seeing positive results."

- Nancy from Whitestone
Dear Maria Dello
In July of 2011 I felt that I needed professional help in losing a substantial amount of weight in order to lower my cholesterol and triglycerides. At the same time it was my hope that I would feel and look better. I consulted my doctor and she recommended Maria Dello of Dellonutritionals in Manhasset.
In the five months that I worked with Maria I learned how to create health...y meals and snacks and how to modify my diet to a program that I could live with and enjoy permanently. I also learned about the importance of exercise in my daily life and how it helps contribute to achieving and maintaining weight loss. I have almost eliminated sugar and from my diet.
During the course of that five months I lost 27 pounds, normalized my triglycerides and lowered my cholesterol dramatically. I have also gone from a size 12 to a size 8 and feel much more energetic and motivated.
I could not have accomplished these goals without Maria's guidance. She is thoroughly conversant with the latest nutritional findings that result in permanent weight loss. She is also caring and easy to talk with and is as interested in your nutritional success as you are.
Sallie Rynd

Dear Maria from Dellonutritionals,
I'm writing to thank you for all of your guidance and support on the HCG diet. With your help, I lost 17 pounds in 40 days. Throughout the years, I have struggled with weight loss so this was a major accomplishment for me. You were always available to answer any of my questions concerning the diet. I really appreciate your attentiveness throughout this process. Your knowledge of nutrition is incredible and the passion that you demonstrate with all of your clients is second to none. Thank you for guiding me through this successful weight loss journey.
Gail from Manhasset, New York
Happy New Year to Dellonutritionals! Thanks to Maria Dello I am starting off the new year twenty-five pounds lighter with many healthy food choices to make eating interesting; thank you, Maria!
Sally Rynd
I feel like a New person and lost 25lbs

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, an illness that causes chronic body aches. For years, I suffered from fatigue, aches, pains, and a lack of energy. Additionally, I was carrying a lot of weight- approximately an extra 25 pounds then what I wanted to be.
My husband was very concerned about me. My doctor recommended that I see Maria Dello. Through Maria's care and guidance, I was able to lose the weight.
She taught me how to properly diet, exercise, and take supplements in order to improve my condition. Not only did she give me the right regimen to heal my fibromyalgia, but she also assisted me in losing 25 pounds.
Maria was always patient, caring and attentive, constantly taking time to explain everything to maximize my results. She always listened to me and designed a program specific to my condition. After losing 25 pounds with Dellonutritionals,
I am pain free and I feel like a new woman! I have regained my health and I can do the things I always wanted to do but never had the energy for.
I never thought I could get rid of my pains but Maria gave me hope when no one else could. Thanks to Maria, I can now do the things I normally couldn't have done. Thank you Maria Dello Dellonutritionals

Ann Mastropietro



The signs were everywhere but I misinterpreted them. For example, my eighty year old mother told me I had to start wearing a girdle. My response, "The nerve of her"! My nieces and nephews nicknamed me 'Auntie Sweet Tooth'. Such adorable children. Places where I spent extended periods of time, such as my desk, the car, the sofa had telltale signs of in-between-meals-snacking such as crumbs and empty wrappers. Then there were the clothing manufacturers. GAP started cutting their pants too low. I had to go up a size. TALBOTS redesigned their clothing line. I had to go up a size. And the saleswoman at Ann Taylor, gently urged me to try on their new 'curvy fit' pant. Not my fault. The fashion industry was changing. My weight gain was slow. It occurred over a fifteen year period and it was almost imperceptible. A pound or two here, a tight waist band there. And then, the change was undeniable. I had gained over twenty five pounds and I gained it in one spot, the worst spot, in and around my abdomen. Unhealthy, unsightly and obviously glaring in photos where I turned sideways towards the camera, this weight gain was now a force to be reckoned with. And I had no idea what to do. So, in January 2011, I called Maria Dello. And now, a mere four months later, the weight is gone, I have a new and healthier way of eating and The Gap, Talbots and Ann Taylor have apparently once again redesigned their clothes and now I have to go 'down a size'!! Maria's approach towards my weight loss was designed around my lifestyle, my needs and my wishes. My meal plan is not drastic. I am eating a wide variety of foods that are healthy and fresh. None of this pre-packaged toxic food that some weight loss programs pedal. I needed to become a more thoughtful eater. And I needed to spend a little extra time making sure I had healthy foods in the house. The best part of Maria's program is that her expertise in nutrition, metabolism, and understanding the whole person, makes for a simple plan to follow. Friends and colleagues are constantly asking me about calories, counting points, grams of fat, blah, blah, blah. I haven't had to bog myself down with all of that. That is Maria's job and she does it well. Of course----the opportunity to learn as much as you want from her is there. But sometimes it's just easier to 'do as you are told'. Another thing my girdle-wielding mother always told me. Thank you Maria Dello, your a life saver!  


Stephanie from Manhasset achieves her weight loss goal and redefines good health.

Stephanie came to Dellonutritionals wanting a new start, being a college student wasn't easy to maintain her figure and health, Maria Dello guided Stephanie in her health goals she feels so much better about her self and has much more energy and successfully reached her weight loss goal in a healthy way. Congratulations you did it!- your smile proves how far you have come.


“I lost 20lbs with Dellonutritionals and re-gained my life back” Brenda S. I was puzzled and frustrated with my weight until I visited nutritionist Maria Dello.


Since my three pregnancies, I have been struggling to lose the extra 20 lbs of “baby fat” that was left behind. Being a mother of three I am very active but my body was changing and I was having a difficult time losing it. I tried to eat right, exercise and have even tried some of the latest diet trends, all with very little success. I was becoming very frustrated because exercising and dieting weren't working. A friend of mine recommended I see her nutritionist, Maria Dello. I was reluctant because, after all, I had tried everything and what was a nutritionist going to tell me that I didn't already know? Well, as it turns out, there was a lot! At first she simply recommended the foods I should and shouldn't eat. She also told me to eliminate all the sugar from my diet. While I did lose some weight, I still wasn't where I wanted to be. Maria suggested I get a full blood test done. She requested they test for heavy metals in my system. The result? I had mercury poisoning and she immediately put me on a detoxification regimen. I eliminated fish from my diet, took the supplements she recommended, removed the mercury fillings I had since I was a child, and continued to exercise and eat healthy. After almost a year of following Maria's instructions I lost over 20 lbs! Maria changed my life. If it weren't for her persistence and caring I would never have figured out what was deterring me from losing weight. Not only did I lose the extra weight I struggled so hard to lose, but I also feel healthier than I ever have. Most importantly, she has taught me to care about myself by treating my body as a treasure. Maria Dello is dedicated, professional and very knowledgeable in her field and I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!

David was a yo yo dieter until he came to Dellonutritionals
there he learned how to eat in balance
he no longer has binges. "It's a way of life and I can finally look forward to my boating season thanks to Maria Dello"



"I was a dieter who "thought" I was dieting correctly. But found out through Maria, that a few small changes here and there can make an enormous difference in a respectable amount of time".
Now I eat real foods and my waist line shows it.
thanks to Dellonutritionals.


Mr. Robert Penn and Jill Penn from PENN TOYOTA visit Maria Dello for Optimal health.

It is a pleasure to work with Mr. and Mrs. Penn. They have been visiting me since 2006 and are eager to stay healthy and fit. They both take a strong interest in their health, due to their busy lifestyle. It is important for them to take their health seriously, and they both look and feel great!!


Newest Weight Loss Achievement

Ed Castagna losses 20lbs @ Dellonutritionals

Ed came to Maria Dello in desperation-frustrated not being able to lose weight. Ms.Dello put him on a protocol that included a specific meal plan for his body type and supplementation, and henow feels like he regained his life back and feels like he is 20 years younger."My life was spiraling out of control, Maria Dello taught me how to eat to live-not live to eat"


NuBeauty for weight loss achievement

Ellen Confino has been struggling with her weight her whole life. As a busy working mom, she unsuccessfully but continually sought out many different avenues in her efforts to lose weight. This feat seemed like mission impossible. Being overweight inhibited her daily life and feeling frustrated was a daily occurrence. Consequently, she began to feel depressed because the weight gain was affecting her life. There were many instances when she felt like giving up. In her final attempt to tackle her weight issue, she made the decision to seek advice from Maria Dello, a nutritionist and owner of Dellonutritionals. With Ms. Dello's guidance and support, Ellen learned how to align and balance her busy schedule with healthy living. Maria also encouraged her to expand and apply her newfound knowledge to her family life. As a result of her perseverance and dedication, Ellen lost a total of 38lbs within a period of six months! She was thrilled! Ellen states “Ms.Dello never gave up on me and told me in detail how to accomplish my goals”. Ellen's fatigue and chronic hot flashes are now a thing of the past. Ms. Dello states, “The goal is to feel optimal. When you are healthy, the body works more efficiently and in turn will aide in weight loss.” As a reward for her weight loss, Ellen was given a makeover by renowned hairstylist Michael Mazzei, owner of NuBest Salon. Her makeover included a modern hair cut by Mr. Mazzei and color treatment by colorist Elizabeth O'Boyle. Ms. Confino stated, “I felt like a new person-the makeover was the finishing touch to adorn my new healthy body.” Ms. Dello stresses the fact that as women approach forty they have a terrible time losing weight. It can be from a result of “chronic” dieting which results in a slow metabolism or perhaps they have an underlying medical condition. There are many facets to weight loss, and it's nice to see people achieve their health goals. It brings them to a positive place as a result of their accomplishments.


I went to see Maria Dello to learn about nutrition in relation to fitness. I work out consistently and wanted to combine the proper foods with these workouts. Maria noticed that I did not have the muscle tone that matched all my hard work and dedication. Maria put me on a plan and I began to see immediate results. What amazed me the most was that my headaches simply disappeared! Thanks to Maria, I no longer have these issues. Maria taught me a great deal about living a healthy lifestyle.
Furthermore, my son has Tourette Syndrome and Maria taught me about the side effects of wheat, gluten, diary, and sugar. Alex is now aware of how these foods affect his tics. When Alex eliminates these items (as best as he can) from his diet, his tics become minimal! He has also learned to eat much more healthy from this experience and has lost 20 lbs! Alex is now in college and doing fabulous! I have all the confidence in the world that he will take the wisdom he has acquired from Maria through his college years and beyond.
Maria has given me the ability to know right from wrong when it comes to my diet, and if I choose to drift a little away from a healthy lifestyle, I know NOW how to get back on track!
Approaching a milestone birthday, I was extremely frustrated that I was still almost 40 pounds overweight as my 50th year was looming on the horizon. My husband suggested that I find a nutritionist because he believed I needed a “food coach” similar to my experience with my “workout coach” (personal trainer). He stated it simply, “You just have to have someone teach you how to eat.!”
The day I walked into Mario Dello's office was the day I began to think differently about eating, exercise, medicine, and age. I quickly realized that Maria is passionate and knowledgeable regarding food and diet. I had learned so much in one short hour! Maria did not bombard me with products or advice. She asked me to do simply make minor, easy changes and eventually she scaffolded those behaviors into building blocks of a nutritious, healthy lifestyle.
Although it has only been nine weeks since I have been working with Maria Dello, I have shed 12 pounds but have gained an immense amount of knowledge that has transferred into a new found power over my life. I learned about the sugar addiction that I was bombarding my body with on an hourly basis. I learned about my own thyroid condition that was contributing to my headaches and general fatigue. I learned about the importance of hydrating your body with mineral water and vegetables. And most importantly, I learned that Maria Dello combines her knowledge of nutrition with kind, but firm guidance. I feel so much better and I know that turning 50 now is a joyous celebration, not the beginning of the end.
- Liz Bice From Manhasset


MARCO holds up his pants, which he regretfully fit into two years ago, after losing 60lbs with Dellonutritionals he now wears his new wardrobe.

Marco said he was depressed and became a hermit, embarrassed  about the way he looked his social life suffered, I now found my new life, after losing the weight, "Maria Dello has inspired me to get healthy and stay fit, I couldn't have done it with out her support"

- Marco S., Queens


Another success story at Dellonutritionals (down 15lbs)
Cindy a young lady came to Dellonutritionals wanting to lose 20lbs. She worked out hard at her gym at least 5 days a week, in addition being on two soccer leagues. What she thought was a "good diet" was not working towards her weight loss goals, frustrated and confused of why she was not losing weight we designed a plan that would be conducive to her work out plan. She is now down 15lbs and is continuing with her plan to achieve her goal, she feels energetic and is eating a diet rich in nutrients, she never felt so good and say's "Thanks to the motivation and healthy meal plan Maria Dello has given me I am now achieving my goals".


Maria has taught me so much about nutrition. I not only used your nutritional counseling on myself but I use it on a daily basis to help others. People are so uneducated when it comes to eating right. Even people who have been training for years have no clue about how important it is to have a solid nutritional plan. No matter how hard you work out, you will never be in shape unless you start from the inside. I have discovered that eating right can change your life.

- Rachel, Personal Trainer and Body Builder


Your work with my Daughter Marlena over the past year has been truly amazing. She has learned so much about the importance of proper nutrition from you.
- Kathleen from Manhassett
Upon my first visit with you I learned so much good foods.
- Ann from Manhassett
Thanks to my Nutritionist Maria I have lost fifteen pounds and I have learned about how important it is to stay healthy.
- Meagan from Queens
My Cholesterol dropped thirty points thanks to Maria I have control of my diet and the supplements have helped me maintain myself.
- Charles from Garden City
In exactly three in half months I lost twenty five pounds. I control my Diabetes and maintain normal blood sugar levels with out medication.
- Helen from Manhasset
It is very difficult to find a Nutritionist that is knowledgeable caring and compassionate like Maria Dello. You have all the qualities and I am so fortunate to be your patient,
- Thank you, Joanna from Manhasset
With the supplements Maria has given me I feel energized and my brain fog has lifted.
- Jay from Queens
I have been struggling with my weight for years diet after diet thanks to Maria I finally lost weight.
- Lisa from New York
Maria has taught me how to shop properly including reading labels and how to buy organic foods.
- Brenda from Westbury
My skin glows since I have been using Cosmesis skin care I get complements all the time.
- Kay from Huntington
I have been working out for years I would get sore often and my muscles seem as if they would never get hard. Through good Nutrition and supplements I am finally getting better results.
- John from Garden City
After my Heart Attack I needed to lose weight and get on a healthy heart program I followed Maria's suggestions such as eating wild salmon and I started a fitness Program. I regained my life and feel better about my life style.
- Joe from New York


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