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How To Stay Trim – Part II

Ways To Stay Active

• Take a hike in the neighborhood and appreciate the foliage.

• Once the snow starts to fall, get out there with the kids and build a snowman!

• Take up a winter sport such as ice skating, snowshoeing, skiing or snowboarding.

• If winter sports aren’t your thing,  visit a local museum with a friend or go to your local mall and walk. Set your “Step App” on your smart phone to keep track of your steps.

• Wear body weights around the house to up your calorie burn.

•  If you have a desk job, make sure to stretch. Simply rotating your neck while at the office helps to avoid stiff neck pain. Even just standing up and taking a few seconds to stretch your legs can help rev your energy. A simple routine of approximately 10 minutes per day can lead to a significant increase in joint mobility for the average corporate worker.

• Try a new workout DVD in the comfort of your home.

• Sit on a medicine ball at work instead of a desk chair to strengthen your core.
• If you have stairs in your house, going up and down is a great way to keep the legs toned.

• Try a yoga, spin, or Pilates class, or why not ping pong? Keep it fun!

• Create a small home gym or an area with a yoga mat and small weights.

• Stay motivated by wearing fitted clothes instead of hiding under winter sweaters.

Fat-Burning Food Tips

• Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne pepper or capsicum has been used medicinally for centuries. This spicy pepper helps the body’s diet-induced thermogenisis or production of heat. Studies on cayenne pepper also indicate that it aids in the increase of lipid oxidation. Lipid oxidation is when fat is burned for energy, a highly desirable action for weight loss. But cayenne pepper’s connection to weight loss doesn’t end there. Cayenne peppers have been linked to decreased appetite and retarding or slowing the growth of fat cells. All of these are important factors in losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.

• Green Tea: A powerful antioxidant, green tea extract may also help dieters shed fat. The extract may also be a safe improvement on traditional diet drugs because its benefits are not accompanied by an increase in heart rate.
• Cinnamon: The smells of cinnamon take me to a place of comfort and warmth. Cinnamon was found to lower blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels are closely associated with weight gain and obesity. Add this spice to your coffee, tea, and sweet snacks for added flavor and a health boost.

• Berries and Apples: Berries and apples are not only loaded with great nutrients, they come perfectly packaged with pectin. Pectin is a water-soluble complex carbohydrate. Simply put, pectin is sort of like a natural gum or gel. When you eat fresh fruits or veggies with pectin, the cells absorb it up instead of the fat.

• Wild Salmon: Essential fatty acids or EFAs are a key nutrient which keeps the body balanced and healthy. Wild salmon’s omega-3’s encourage the body’s production of leptin. Leptin is a component of the body’s natural weight-control process. This vital hormone works to burn fat and suppress the appetite. Make it a priority to eat wild salmon, not farm-raised salmon, a few times a week.

• Turkey: Rest assured, your post-Thanksgiving leftover turkey habit is helping you burn fat. Lean protein, like turkey, keeps you full and takes energy to digest, both of which mean increased metabolism. Go for skinless breast meat to keep the calories down.

Maria Dello, CN is a certified medical nutritionist and owner of Dellonutritionals in Manhasset. Visit or call us at 516-365-1222.


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